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Copyright Information: Copyright Home

Use this guide for information and guidance on copyright issues.


This guide is intended to provide general copyright information to faculty and should not be construed as legal advice. The links provided to other websites are for the convenience of our users and are not intended as endorsements. The College is not responsible for any information provided on those websites.

Neither the College nor the Libraries is legally responsible for the use to which the copyright information is put. The user retains legal responsibility for all decisions on copyright matters.

For help beyond this guide, you may want to consult with an intellectual property attorney.

Guide Creators

The information in this guide was compiled by Brenda Braham, Digital Initiatives Librarian, and Vani Murthy, former Library Technical Services Manager. 

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Introduction to Copyright

In the United States, copyright is governed by the Copyright Act of 197617 USCA $$ 101-1332

See Copyright Basics, What is Copyright? for information on exclusive rights of the copyright holder. 

Copyright on Campus


Is it in the Public Domain?

  • works published before 1923
  • works where copyright has expired
  • most federal documents
  • works where owners give up their rights
  • facts, titles, ideas, etc.
  • freeware or unlicensed software


Intellectual Property