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Psychology: Psychology

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Finding Books in Psychology

Psychology books are found in sections BF1 through BF839 of the library:

BF 1-37           Psychology (General) 
BF 173-175.5   Psychoanalysis
BF 176-176.5   Psychological tests and testing
BF 180-198.7   Experimental psychology
BF 203            Gestalt psychology
BF 207-209      Psychotropic drugs and other substances
BF 231-299      Sensation. Aesthesiology
BF 309-499      Consciousness. Cognition.
BF 501-505      Motivation
BF 511-593      Affection. Feeling. Emotion
BF 608-635      Will. Volition. Choice. Control
BF 636-637      Applied psychology
BF 660-685      Comparative psychology. Animal and human psychology
BF 692-692.5   Psychology of sex. Sexual behavior
BF 697-697.5   Differential psychology. Individuality. Self
BF 698-698.9   Personality
BF 699-711      Genetic psychology
BF 712-724.85  Developmental psychology.
BF 725-727      Class psychology
BF 795-839      Temperament. Character

  Positive Psychology (Happiness)

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