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For Faculty: Information Literacy, Library Instruction, & Distance Education: Information Literacy & Library Instruction

Request a Library Instruction Session

If you previously filled out an instruction request form and did not receive a response from your campus User Instruction librarian, please contact us directly:

Flipped Library Session

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"Flipping” library instruction means that students would be required to watch online library tutorials selected by the professor before working with a librarian in a face-to-face workshop. Flipping the session frees up valuable time for student-directed research, allowing the librarian to serve as a one-on-one research expert as students apply their new knowledge.

By selecting this option, you agree to:

  1. Select one or more of MC Libraries’ online library tutorials to be assigned to your class.
  2. Assign the tutorial/s to students to complete BEFORE the MC Libraries session.
  3. You must inform the librarian which tutorials you want your students to complete.

MC Library Tutorials & the MC Information Literacy Rubric

The MC Libraries has redesigned several online tutorials to clearly address the Information Literacy competency standards and learning outcomes as described on the College’s Information Literacy Rubric (developed by the MC Outcomes Assessment committee).

Each tutorial is followed by an online quiz that can be submitted directly to a faculty member. To receive your students’ quiz scores, please instruct them to include your email address when they submit the quiz.

There are five Information Literacy Standards defined by the rubric: Know, Access, Evaluate, Use, Ethics

Tutorial name IL Standard Description Additional Links
Academic Integrity & Citing Sources
Academic Integrity & Avoiding Plagiarism Ethics, Use Discussess what academic integrity is. Provides strategies for using sources well, to avoid plagiarism.  
APA Citations Ethics, Use Explains guidelines for creating APA style Reference List and  in-text citations. APA Citation Handouts
MLA Citations Ethics, Use Explains guidelines for creating MLA citations for the Works Cited list, with some explanation of in-text citations.

MLA Citation Handouts

MLA In-Text Citations (video)

Doing Research
Begin Your Research Access, Evaluate, Know, Ethics Describes the basic steps needed to get organized for a research assignment: understanding the assignment, choosing a topic, developing a search strategy, selecting relevant sources, and citing sources. Choose & Evaluate a Research Topic
Evaluating Information Evaluate, Access Discusses criteria for evaluating information from different kinds of sources. Explains how to access different kinds of sources.

CRAAP Test (Websites)

RAAP Test (Articles)

Finding Articles Know, Access, Use Describes how to develop and refine a database search strategy, understand the difference between scholarly journals and popular magazines, and evaluate search results.

Finding a Specific Journal

Database searching guides

How to Connect Your Search Words

Scholarly Journals vs Magazines

Finding Books, Videos, & More Know, Access, Use Explains how to search the MC Library Catalog and find materials in the MC Libraries.

How to Find a Book in the MC Libray Catalog

Understanding Call Numbers

Requesting a Library Course Page

At a faculty member’s request, librarians can work with you to create a customized page to support a research assignment. Library Course Pages often supplement a library instruction session, where students have the opportunity to use the resources with a librarian’s assistance.

For more information about Library Course Pages, contact your campus Faculty Services librarian or User Instruction librarian.

How do I find my Course Page?

You and your students will be able to access the completed Course Page by knowing the direct URL address or by visiting the MC Libraries' homepage. Under the For Students menu, click on Library Course Pages, then choose your campus.