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Niyati Pandya
Rockville Campus
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Office 114A


 Capstone Paper

For the culminating project of this course, you will write a Capstone paper which will reflect your critical reading of texts, your insightful discussions with your mentors and peers, and your perceptive approach to your topic of interest. In your Capstone paper, you will take a position on your topic, relate it to the theme of GLOBAL INTERSECTIONS, and articulate that position in the form of a claim (or thesis). You will then establish that claim with a body of support and in the process convince your audience to accept your claim. 


 is defined in many ways, and has varied terms associated with it. The Library of Congress defines it as "the process by which economic, cultural, political, and social institutions become integrated worldwide." 

Take a look at this Website for an overview of the many topics associated with globalization, focusing on "Issue In Depth" and "Browse Issue," in particular: Globalization 101: