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Access Services: Goals

Step by step instructions for completing a task or action.

Access Services Goals

Goal 1:  Participate in the completion of the new Access Services Operations Manual (July 2022-June 2023)

Individual Staff Contributions

  • All Access Services staff will contribute to the documentation of operating procedures to be included in manual
  • All Access Services staff will review, revise and make recommendations on the improvement of documented procedures
  • A complete draft of all Access Services procedures will be due by December 16
  • Final version of the complete Operations Manual due by summer 2023

Affinity Group Work

  • Ensure that all procedures are assessed prior to final draft submission
  • Initiate process of evaluating all documented procedure at the end of fall and spring terms

Goal 2: Create and distribute training materials for new employees and recently promoted staff (August -October 2022)

Specialist IIs

  • Create Onboarding/Training checklist(s) for student workers and Specialist Is
  • Submit and obtain final approval from Supervisors


  • Create Onboarding/Training checklist(s) for new employees and Specialist IIs
  • Ensure staff have ability to implement checklist(s) and that documentation is received for ever new hire and newly promoted staff

AS Staff

  • Use checklist(s) anytime training student workers and staff, assess and provide suggested revisions to Supervisor
  • After completing onboarding/training submit completed checklist(s) to Supervisors

Goal 3: Roll out of Leganto - Course Resource Management Tool (TBD)

Goal 1: Participate in preparation for and implementation of new library management system, Alma, and new library discovery system, Primo.


  • All Access Services staff will:
    • Complete Voyager data clean-up tasks as appropriate
    • Participate in Alma trainings
    • Review existing workflows and processes
    • Plan for and document adjustments to be made at Alma/Primo go-live date
    • Review changes to public interfaces; provide feedback to Access Services members of Primo Implementation Team
  • Additionally, all Access Services staff assigned roles in implementation teams will:
    • Attend and participate in implementation team meetings
    • Review related documentation
    • Participate in decision-making during pre-implementation and implementation phases


  • The Access Services division completed all required Voyager data clean-up, reviewed and provided updates to all changes needed for public interfaces, reviewed existing workflows and processes, and updated all Voyager documented procedures/processes (created new procedures as needed), which resulted in the creation of an all new, comprehensive operations manual for Access Services.
  • Teams within the Access Services division developed, designed and delivered training sessions as well as provided subject expertise for configuring, reviewing data and testing functionality for the new discovery system and fulfillment module in Alma related to circulation services.


Goal 2: In the interest of reviewing personal/interpersonal skills, complete "Valuable Employee Learning Pathway F22" from ELITE.


  • Complete all eleven modules of the Valuable Employee learning pathway.
  • Discuss key takeaways with supervisor and/or in group settings.
  • Staff who have already completed the learning pathway in its entirety or in part, work with their supervisor to identify alternate training on related topics.

Q1 Goal:

Review existing Access Services operations and investigate additional service offerings in light of remote learning and MC efforts in response to COVID-19.


  • Evaluate current in-person services and make adjustments, accounting for MC COVID-19: Health and Safety Plan and further guidance from the college, including but not limited to implementation of plans for safe materials handling/quarantine, social distancing within the campus libraries (for staff and users), and e-reserves outreach.
  • Investigate potential additional service offerings in support of remote learning and Resilient MC: A Roadmap for College Operations Post COVID-19. Potential new services include curbside pick-up of library materials, on-demand electronic document delivery, and appointment-based access to library resources.
  • Conduct review of new and temporary services. Based on determination of ongoing needs, revise Access Services operations documentation accordingly.


  • Access Services division offered curbside services located in the North Garage, on the Rockville Campus. The event was held on Monday, September 14, 2020, September 16, 2020, and Friday, September 18, 2020, from 9:00 – 3:00 p.m.
  • Access Services division formed planning teams and developed preliminary plans for curbside pickup of library materials, social distancing in the library buildings, quarantining of returned materials, enhanced document delivery, electronic course reserves, and access to technology by appointment. Plans should continue to be reviewed and updated as guidance from the college, county, and state change.

Q2 Goal:

Improve online services to library users during remote learning period.


  • Access Services staff will provide direct assistance to students, faculty, staff, and community users using the online chat platform (LibChat).
  • Expand access points to LibChat for broader exposure.
  • Continuation of 1st Quarter FY21 goal:
  • Access Services division will consider offering additional book return opportunities at all three campuses Any book return options will need to be approved in advance by the Coronavirus Advisory Team.

Q3 Goal:

Participate in preliminary activities for evaluation and implementation of a replacement library management system (LMS).


  • Attend virtually or watch recordings (if available) of candidate LMS demonstrations; provide feedback on demonstrations to chair of the RFP committee.
  • Via affinity groups and individually, provide feedback on LMS implementation concerns and priorities to LMS implementation committee, campus access services supervisor, and/or interim AS associate director as appropriate.
  • Participate in other library and division activities related to LMS implementation, including planning for timeline, as opportunities are identified.

Q4 Goal:

Complete information-seeking training activities, developed to review skills and increase confidence assisting users with READ level 2 and 3 questions received in-person and via online chat.


  • Complete training activities and submit to campus access services supervisor.
  • Receive feedback from supervisor. Discuss proposed and alternate approaches to completing the activities, as appropriate.
  • For Access Services Specialist IIs, consider which information-seeking training activities would be appropriate for student employees and discuss with your supervisor.