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Critical Race Theory: Find Sources: Critical Race Theory

Key Scholars in Critical Race Theory

Books @ MC Library

Below is a non-comprehensive list of major works in the scholarship of Critical Race Theory (CRT) available at the MC Library. You can find locations and editions by searching these titles in the MC Library Catalog from the homepage. 




Articles and more...

Search in MC Library Education, Legal, and Social Science Databases:

Step 2: Find Sources

"Find Sources." Magnifying Glass.

To find sources, start by thinking about your research questions and the type of information you need. For example, you may need to search in different places to find statistics than you would if you need to find images. 

This page provides tips for how to develop a search strategy and also links to search tools you can use to find specific types of sources. 

As you search, consider the tips on the Evaluate Sources page, and assess each article, book, website or other source that you find.

Understanding the Current Legislative Landscape

Restricting the discussion of CRT through legislation, state by state. The education reporting project, Chalkbeat, has compiled there data.