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ENGL 101 & 011: For Faculty: "You Quote It" Workshop Materials

A dedicated research guide including library online tutorials for ENGL101/ENGL 011 classes.

ENGL 101 Library Instruction Options

Faculty, please contact Jenny Hatleberg ( to set up an ENGL 101 workshop: 

  • You Quote It, You Note It: Avoiding Plagiarism in ENGL 101
  • Investigative Skills: Foundations of Searching in ENGL 101

To request a unique library instruction session for your students, based on a research assignment, please use the instruction request form. 

Asynchronous materials are available, if you prefer to assign the content to students independently or use workshop components in your own class.

Asynchronous Materials: You Quote It, You Note It: Avoiding Plagiarism in ENGL 101

Librarians encourage faculty to have students attend a live, online drop-in workshop as scheduled. However, we understand that will not be feasible for all students. The materials linked below will allow faculty to teach the "You Quote It, You Note It: Avoiding Plagiarism in ENGL 101" library workshop in their own class session, or assign components to students. 

Session Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this lesson students will be able to: 

  • Define plagiarism  
  • Identify examples of plagiarism  
  • Describe strategies for how to avoid plagiarism  
  • Identify various types of sources   
  • Understand source type documentation in the MLA style, including formatting differences in citations 
  • Match the components in an example MLA citation to the correct element 

Part One: What Is Plagiarism?

Part Two: Using & Creating MLA Citations

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