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Search Library Databases Effectively: Home

Welcome to MC Library research skills guide on database search tips including how to connect your search terms. Searching library databases is different than searching Google. This guide is designed to help you understand different search techniques so that you can refine your search strategy to find relevant results. The advantage is that these search techniques are applicable to almost all library databases and search engines. 

Follow the tabs on top to learn more about these search techniques. 

Terms in this Guide

  • Database: A collection of information stored in an electronic format that can be searched by a computer. 
  • Search strategy: Words entered into the search box of a database or search engine when looking for information. Words relating to an information source's author, editor, title, subject heading or keyword serve as search terms. Search terms can be combined by using Boolean operators and can also be used with limits/limiters.  

Research Cycle

"Find Sources." Magnifying Glass.

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