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Evaluate Information and Fake News: Match Sources to Your Needs

Does a Source Match Your Needs?

Even if a source is credible and a good source, it may not fit in the context of your research argument. Do not just use it because it is a good source.

As you review the source, take notes and be mindful of how the information fits or supports what you want to say. Ask yourself:

  • What do I need? An overview of my topic? Data, evidence, or research? Personal accounts or primary resources?
    • These needs are satisfied by different sources. And you may need to fill in gaps in the research or information you need for your assignment.
  • Did I consult multiple perspectives during my research?
    • Don't only find or use (and ultimately cite) sources that only confirm your argument or perspective.

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Learn more about how different types of sources meet different research needs using the guide linked below.

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