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Teaching China: Teaching China

Collection of resources for Global Humanities Institute initiative on "Teaching China," focused on incorporating library resources and OERs into the classroom.

Hong Kong Skyline

Hong Kong Skyline
Pixabay user skeeze; CC0 license

Licensed & Open Resources

‚ÄčLicensed content is available at no cost to faculty and students, through the MC Library. This could include an article from a database, a chapter from an e-book, or a streaming video from one of our subscription services. Faculty can provide students with a link to licensed content. Students can use the resource, at no cost, as part of a course at MC. They will need to log in to access the resource from off-campus or on the College's WiFi network.

Creative Commons logo

Open content is made available to anyone, often through a Creative Commons license. The author or owner of the content has chosen to make it available at a variety of levels of restriction. Students could access an open resource as part of a course, and be able to use it again even when they are no longer affiliated with Montgomery College. 

Librarians & ELITE Instructional Designers are available to help you find resources to supplement your lessons and assignments!