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Teaching China: Teaching China

Hong Kong Skyline

Hong Kong Skyline
Pixabay user skeeze; CC0 license

Licensed & Open Resources

‚ÄčLicensed content is available at no cost to faculty and students, through the MC Library. This could include an article from a database, a chapter from an e-book, or a streaming video from one of our subscription services. Faculty can provide students with a link to licensed content. Students can use the resource, at no cost, as part of a course at MC. They will need to log in to access the resource from off-campus or on the College's WiFi network.

Creative Commons logo

Open content is made available to anyone, often through a Creative Commons license. The author or owner of the content has chosen to make it available at a variety of levels of restriction. Students could access an open resource as part of a course, and be able to use it again even when they are no longer affiliated with Montgomery College. 

Librarians & ELITE Instructional Designers are available to help you find resources to supplement your lessons and assignments!