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ACCT 221: Professor Gottfried

Introductory Financial Accounting video series from Else Grech

Module 1: Many textbooks begin by introducing the financial statements but its the financial reporting elements that you have to understand in order to understand how the financial statements are structured.  

This module starts by exploring the financial reporting elements - what are they and how are they defined.

Module 2: This video introduces the concepts in Module 2 of Prof. Grech's Introductory Financial Accounting videos. This includes an introduction to the users of financial statements, business activities, and all of the financial statements under IFRS. It also includes the solving of various financial statement problems.

Module 3 of the Introductory Financial Accounting videos. This includes an introduction to the concept of debits and credits as well as transaction analysis. It includes the solving of various transaction analysis questions.

Module 4: This includes an introduction to the concept of adjusting entries as well as solving adjusting entry problems.

About Else Grech

This playlist covers all of the Introductory Financial Accounting Videos for students from Professor Else Grech, accounting Instructor at the School of Accounting and Finance, Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University in Toronto Canada. Your professor is sharing these in support of your regular course content.