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Welcome to the MC Library guide on artificial intelligence! The purpose of this guide is to help students understand and explore AI. Browse the tabs above to investigate some common questions about AI, such as:

  • What concerns about AI should I be aware of?
  • How will AI affect my career field?
  • How can I use generative AI responsibly?

Disclaimer: Always check with your professor before using AI for an academic assignment. If you are allowed to use it for coursework, be sure to use proper attribution and citation. 

Terms in This Guide

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) is a broad term for technology that simulates human intelligence.
  • Bias is a type of error that can occur in a large language model if its output is skewed by the model’s training data. See the Concerns & Considerations tab.
  • Generative AI, which we focus on in this guide, is technology that creates content—including text, images, video and computer code—by identifying patterns in large quantities of training data, and then creating original material that has similar characteristics.

Defining generative AI infographic

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AI Overviews

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