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Artificial Intelligence: Using AI

Using Artificial Intelligence

Montgomery College faculty may or may not allow students to use AI when completing assignments and coursework. Be sure to check your syllabus and ask your professor if using AI is allowed in their class.

Before you use AI for an assignment, consider your needs. Why would you use AI for that task? How would it help you? Make sure to select an AI tool that is appropriate for the task.

Be sure to review and evaluate any responses that you get from AI! These tools can "hallucinate," which means they sometimes provide false responses. 

Research Skills & Tips:

The tutorials below include information about using AI during the research process:

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Artificial Tool Intelligence Tools

AI tools are being developed and changing very quickly! For that reason, this guide only mentions a few. Use the directory link below to explore more. Remember: Make sure your professor allows AI before using it for an assignment. 

Text Generation:

Image, Audio, & Video Generation:

Computational AI

AI text detection tools frequently provide false positives, and may not be reliable. 

Getting an AI model to provide helpful responses is a skill! It involves writing prompts that tell the AI what to do. More advanced use of prompts is a skill called "prompt engineering," which has already started to show up in job postings. Learning how to interact with AI will help you to get better responses. 

  • Make sure you understand the tool that you are using and use a prompt that is appropriate for what it can do. Some may not be set up to read large paragraphs of text, perform mathematical calculations, etc. 
  • Make sure that you are providing "clean" data before prompting the AI tool to analyze it
  • Be sure to review and evaluate the accuracy of any responses that you get from AI

Suggested Resources: 

If you use generative AI for a class assignment, you need to disclose it. Both APA and MLA citation guidelines now include suggestions for how to cite AI. 

If you use text that was generated by AI as part of a writing or other assignment, you need to cite it as you would any other source. In addition, you may be expected to explain how you used AI to develop ideas, brainstorm research questions or keywords, translate text, create an image, etc.

Suggested Resources:

Research Skills & Tips:

Need Help with AI?

If you decide to use AI and need assistance, the MC Library can help you: 

  • Find sources that will help you understand and use AI
  • Confirm whether sources that you find through generative AI are real and available 
  • Cite content generated by AI in APA or MLA format

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