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Find a Journal by Title or Subject: Find a Journal, Magazine, or Newspaper by Title

Find a Journal, Magazine , or Newspaper by Title

Periodicals (magazines, journals, and newspapers) are available in many different formats through Montgomery College Library.  A single title may be available in more than one format: in print, and/or electronically. 

Follow these steps to find out if the MC Library subscribes to a journal or a magazine you are looking for, and how to access it:

1. Go to  MC Library's homepage and click down on the search menu options to select Journals by Title as shown in the screenshot below:

Library search menu with Journals by Title option

Alternatively,  you can select Journals by Title option from the RaptorSearch top navigation as highlighted in this screenshot:

RaptorSearch image for Journals by Title

2. Type the title of the journal, magazine, or newspaper into the search box (e.g., Rolling Stone, not the article title), and click Search.

Search result for a Journal title

The results will show all options how you can access the journal.

  • Available at: you will see the name of the campus where you can get the print journal.
  • Available Online: a new window will open when you click on it and you will see the names of the database or databases where you can access the journal's articles electronically.
  • In some cases, the library will have a journal both in print and electronically as in the example above.

3. Click on one of the Availability links to see detailed options to access this journal either in print or online.  Click on the name of the database under View Online to see the years of coverage you need to access Rolling Stone articles online.

Detailed search result for a journal title

The Available at option in this example shows you that the Takoma Park/Silver Spring library has print copies of Rolling Stone from the last two years. Visit the library to see the issues in print.

details on accessing print copy of a journal title

Try It: Find a Journal

"Try It!" with blank notebook and pencil

Practice finding a Journal by Title by answering the following question:

  • How would you get access to articles in the Journal of Anthropological Archaeology?

Bonus Question:

  • How would you get an article with a publication date of May 2020 from the Journal of Human Development?

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Pencils against a blue background. 'Learn More'

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