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Find a Journal by Title or Subject: Home

This guide will demonstrate how to search for a single title of a journal, magazine, or newspaper and determine whether, by what means, and what dates/issues MC Library has access to that title.

Terms in this Guide

  • Periodicals: Periodicals are materials that are published at regular intervals (monthly, quarterly, daily, etc.). Periodical is a broad term. Journals, magazines, and newspapers are all periodicals. E.g., Readers’ Digest
  • Database: In libraries, a searchable collection of articles in which detailed descriptions of these articles may be searched by keywords, including subject terms, author names, titles, and other descriptive terms.  Many of these records include an abstract, or summary, of the article, and offer a link to the full text of the article itself if desired.

Research Cycle

"Find Sources." Magnifying Glass.

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