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Research guide for chemistry students

Welcome to the MC Library's research guide for chemistry!

The Research Cycle

'Develop a Topic.' Light bulb.

1. Develop a Topic

Begin your research with general, background information. This will help you understand and refine your topic, develop research questions and search terms, and decide where to look for sources.

'Find Sources.' Magnifying glass.

2. Find Sources

The MC Library has many databases and other search tools where you can find articles (from magazines, newspapers, and journals), books, videos, and more.

'Evaluate Sources.' Stack of folders.

3. Evaluate Sources

As you find sources, think about whether they are reliable, credible, unbiased, and relevant to your needs. Use critical thinking skills to choose the best information for your research.

'Evaluate Sources.' Stack of folders.

4. Cite Sources

When you use information, it is important to cite the source in your work. Check your assignment or ask your professor which citation style you should use (APA, MLA, or another).

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